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What is the CLR?

The CLR is the heart and soul of .NET. The CLR is the runtime. In a nutshell, the CLR is a run-time environment in which .NET applications run. The CLR is layered on top of an operating system, and exists to provide services by being a layer between .NET applications and the operating system.  ref:http://samgentile.com/clr.htm


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This is a possible solution for fixing error 80048820 in MSN messanger

This is often caused due to Incorrect Time/Date Settings in Windows. So the first thing you should do is make sure that you system has got the correct clock settings. To change the system time setting, just double-click on the time display on your Taskbar (usually in the lower right corner of your screen).

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SqlConnection is the SqlServer implementation, OleDb was everything ‘else’ . That’s been minimized to some degree since the addition of the ODBC and Oracle libraries in the 1.1 framework so OleDbConnection should probably be renamed to PeopleWhoStillUseMSAccessConnection

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